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What added value is ACI offering you?

Airport Consultancy International - ACI - is offering free of charge leading edge interactive consultancy services through this website specially designed for monitoring capacity and demand and being a valuable tool for improving and expanding the airport business.

Clients using this website for consultation find themselves in the driver’s seat with ACI beside them acting as their navigator for a swift and safe journey to their point of destination.

ACI is offering a valuable interactive tool which is developed for the airport industry tapping the expertise embedded within airport organizations and is delivering instant results.

The Airport Terminal Monitor - ATM - is an in house developed and advanced state-of-the-art interactive web application offering consultancy designed to serve a range of typical airports as well as airport stakeholders.

The Airport Terminal Monitor - ATM - is detecting the weak links in the departure and arrival chains by showing where insufficient capacity exists. This information enables airports and its stakeholders to discuss and review the options for appropriate measures and taking the required actions to bring the chains back into balance.

ATM - enables airports and airport stakeholders to use the deliverables for:

  • Increasing non-airport revenues;
  • Improving the passenger experience by promoting fast travel by:
  • Offering a range of self service equipment;
  • Reducing passenger queuing time.
  • Reducing staff costs;
  • Enhancing terminal operations;
  • Increasing terminal capacity;
  • Reducing terminal space requirements;

ATM - enables airports to use the deliverables as a planning tool transforming terminals to adapt to changing traffic characteristics.

ATM - enables airports to upscale or downscale their operations up front in anticipation to expected traffic volumes.

ATM - enables airports to use the deliverables to adjust to changing business models.

ATM - offer users environmentally friendly services by delivering instant results.

Ambition - Creating an interactive consultancy platform by continuously adding modules covering all airport facilities and infra-structure to become:

“the preferred interactive consultancy platform for the airport industry and airport managements and airport stakeholders in specific”.

History - The conception of online consultancy services for airports and airport stakeholders dates from 2008 and has been developed ever since and reached maturity as the Airport Terminal Monitor (ATM).

ATM - The idea behind it!

The airport terminal monitor has been developed to be an attractive tool for a specific market segment of the airport industry. Its development is based on five premises.

The first premise is that within the airport industry the revenues per passenger are relatively low. Research show that many airports and small to medium sized airports in specific are not profitable and simply need to focus on the cost base running a sustainable business.

This requires a small lean and mean airport organization. The staff shall be flexible and the numbers adequate of managing the daily operations and being focused on problem solving, turning around aircraft and handling passengers and their baggage to meet flight schedules.

The second premise is that small and medium sized airports have no demand for full time employment of technical staff such as airport planners, architects and civil engineers supporting the airport organization with airport planning, design of facilities and infra-structure.

The third premise is that if there is demand for airport consultancy services at small and medium sized airports the budgets for procuring airport consultancy services are limited.

The fourth premise is that the airport management, staff and stakeholders are specialists in their line of work knowing all the ins and outs of the daily operations and know what is going on at the airport. They often need confirmation from an outsider of what they already experience as a bottleneck and require recommendations for improvements to solve their problems.

The fifth and final premise is that lots of expertise is embedded within airport organizations readily available to tap delivering input for web based consultancy services.

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