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How do I obtain the results?

Module M1, M2 and M3

The deliverables will be immediately available as soon as the user has made an account or logged-in.

At the end of step 3 of each module a summary of all the input will be presented for your final review and allows you to make corrections fixing mistakes. You have to tick the box (V) as soon as you are satisfied.

Next you have to tick the boxes (V) asking if you agree with the terms and conditions and the input provided and press continue to complete step 3.

The assessment will be displayed within seconds.

Your orders are being saved in your personal account and you can log-in anytime you want to view or print your orders.

Your details will be saved to your account for the next visit.

Your personal account allows you to build a track record and to build your next case on previous input saving you time and effort.

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