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About ACI

Airport Consultancy International - ACI - is offering consultancy, planning, feasibility studies and design services to the airport industry in general and is specifically focused on the needs of clients running small to medium sized airports.

Mission – Airport Consultancy International (ACI) is focused at small to medium sized airports offering affordable leading edge airport consultancy, planning & design services.

ACI is focused on high level airport management support, building long-term business relationships.

ACI is client focused and stands for high quality and reliability of the products offered and services rendered. 

ACI is offering a valuable interactive tool which is developed for the airport industry tapping the expertise embedded within airport organizations and is delivering instant results.

The Airport Terminal Monitor - ATM - is an in house developed and advanced state-of-the-art interactive web application offering consultancy designed to serve a range of typical airports as well as airport stakeholders.

ATM is delivering airports and airport stakeholders instant confirmation of the sustainable terminal handling capacity by comparing the current available handling equipment with an assessment of the equipment and space required for processing the expected volume of departing and arriving passengers:

  • At present;
  • For the coming season;
  • Within a couple of years from now;
  • On the long term.

ATM is FREE OF CHARGE and focused at serving a range of typical small and medium sized airports delivering instant results and has been developed to become the preferred tool of delivering added value to airport industry users such as:

  • Civil airport authorities;
  • Airport companies & concessionaires;
  • Airline companies;
  • Airport handling companies;
  • Airport handling equipment manufacturers & suppliers.

ACI is presenting three ATM modules to enable a variety of airport professionals using the service and obtain instant confirmation of the sustainable terminal handling capacity.

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