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Terminal Capacity Enhancement services

Study objectives

Stage 1

5-year terminal capacity enhancement plan including short term capacity mitigation measures catering for the next season taking into account:

  • Picking low hanging fruits requiring no or limited actions / investments;
  • Restrictive capital expenditure;
  • No capital destruction;
  • Taking into consideration the market assimilation of IT innovations
  • Taking into account IATA service levels / handling agents KPI’s.

Stage 2 (separate contract)

Project implementation plan taking into account:

  • Phasing of the works;
  • Continuation of airport operations;
  • AVSEC;
  • Passenger safety;
  • No or limited disturbance of pax and bax handling processes.

Processors Assessment

The list of typical passenger terminal processors and spaces below are part of the quick scan study:

O/D flows

  • Well-wishers hall
  • Hold baggage security before check-in
  • Check-in
  • Baggage handling hall
  • Boarding pass control
  • Customs
  • Emigration
  • AVSEC security
  • General waiting lounge
  • Passenger boarding gates
  • Arrival hall
  • VISA on arrival
  • Immigration
  • Baggage reclaim hall
  • Customs
  • Welcomers hall

Transfer flows INT-INT, INT-DOM, DOM-INT

  • Boarding pass connecting flight
  • Immigration/Emigration
  • Customs-port of entry-carry-on baggage
  • AVSEC Security
  • Transfer baggage storage and handling hall

Information required for the execution of the study

Published airlines flight schedules preferably in excel format.

Up to date terminal building drawings in ACAD format.

  • Floor lay-outs
  • Sections,
  • Elevations

Execution of the terminal Capacity Enhancement Study

Stage 1

Step 1: Capacity and demand assessment

Capacity /demand peak hour analysis of pax and bax processing areas of departure, arrival and transfer flows.

The study starts with a tour through the terminal following the pax and bax departure, arrival and transfer flows. The visit will be conducted to get grip on the respective flows, terminal space and processor utilization and to observe and fully understand the pax and bax processes performed.

The published airline flight schedules will be analysed in order to determine ATM, pax and bax peak hour demand for departure, arrival and transfer flows.

The tour and performed analysis will be used to conduct interviews / discussions with the management involved exchanging ideas and finalize the input required to perform calculations to assess demand.

A comparison will be made between estimated and currently available equipment and processing areas in order to detect the weakest links in the departure, arrival and transfer chains.

Deliverable 1

Listing of the number of existing and estimated handling equipment and corresponding processing space per processor showing the bottlenecks in the respective departure, arrival and transfer chains that need improvements.

Step 2:    Departure, arrival and transfer chain bottleneck mitigation study - terminal space

Passenger flow analysis and processing space utilization quick scan of departing, arriving and transfer pax and bax.

Deliverable 2

Recommendations for flow optimization and proposals for improvement of processing capacity and queuing space utilization to mitigate / enhance pax and bax throughput of envisaged bottlenecks.

Step 3:    Departure, arrival and transfer chain bottleneck mitigation study – terminal equipment

Passenger handling equipment utilization quick scan of departing, arriving and transfer pax and bax.

Deliverable 3

Proposals for improvement of passenger handling equipment utilization to mitigate or enhance processing capacity.

Deliverable 4

Proposals for mitigation of bottlenecks by bringing capacity and demand back in balance by re-arranging handling processes and / or installation of additional handling equipment.

Stage 2 (separate contract)

Step 1: Elaboration of proposed measures and production of integrated functional schematic design.

Deliverable 1

Functional lay-outs including an outline construction phasing plan. The deliverables will provide sufficient information for a local architect / contractor to produce final design and construction documentation.

Optional services

Deliver airport functional design expertise to support a local architect being responsible for the final design and tender documentation;

Performance of design reviews;

Production of a detailed construction phasing plan.

Study the implications of the functional design with respect to wayfinding and deliver an update of the signage lay-out.